The other day a baby robin was in my back yard and Daphny found it but did not harm it. She looked at the little bird and came to me to show me. I was so proud she has a gentle heart and is not one to harm the little creature!
Bird1What a sweet soul, Danny!

5 Responses to “Shelties: guardians of all creatures!”

  1. Missy D

    This reminds me of the children’s book Are You My Mother? I can just imagine the conversation between the two… “I am not your mother baby bird. I am a shelite, the bestest of all the breeds. I will find your mother!”

  2. Laura Calci

    How sweet of Daphny to know not to hurt this little bird. I’ve seen this trait in my own Shelties too! Thank you Daphny! Hugs to you!

  3. Angielou Harris

    How adorable!!! As the proud owner of as many shelties as possible, and based on nothing at all other than personal experience, I think tri-colors are the most tenderhearted of all the shelties :-)
    Daphny is such a darling!


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