PuckByron & Robert adopted Puck, a 3 legged blue merle from Holly Fent at Kennebec Sheltie Rescue in Maine a few months back.

Here’s a new photo of Puck, the “love sponge”. 

We also adopted Laddie, who is very active and fun. Here they are  in our rose garden. We encourage everyone we know to rescue and if possible, adopt Shelties!


Hugs to you Byron and Robert for adopting these beautiful boys!

10 Responses to “Rescue Sheltie update!”

  1. Dianne

    So awesome to see and hear of people like you to adopt and love these beautiful Shelties..I don,t understand how anyone could give them up in the first place! Bless you for giving them a forever loving home!

  2. Marta

    So sweet! My little shelties mom (my friends dog) & I spent a lot time working with her, so I know how much time and care it takes to ern their trust, but you obviously have! :-) Also, it made me a little sad to see the picture of your Laddie. I used to have a shelie named Laddie, and he looked almost exactly like that, but he passed away a few years ago. :-( Its really cool how the two Laddies look so alike!

  3. Melissa

    I got my first Sheltie from a rescue and he is the most loyal smart little fellow, and appears so grateful. He is the love of our lives and though I love my Westies, I will never be without at lest one sweet Sheltie. Kiss those sweet faces for me and Toby!

  4. Elaine

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart for opening your hearts to Puck !! You will be Blessed ten fold. Congratulations Puck on your new forever home!! Now you will get the love and attention you should have from the start. : )

  5. gloria

    Wonderful pictures… you can tell they have a home full of love! So glad you adopted. I have 2 adopted shelties… they are the light if my life. Thanks for adopting!

  6. GreggB

    Love those pix! We have four Shelties, all rescued. We almost kept a “tripod” Sheltie many years ago, too! Rescued Shelties are the best!


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