TalkingAutumn often hangs out at her Sheltie friend’s house when my friend and I go to our breed club meeting.  But this time we came home one night to find that someone played with the roll of TP all over the house.

So the pups were sat down and given a good talking too.  Even after interrogation they stuck together and no one ratted anyone out.

(I wish I had thought to get a picture of the TP, but alas I forgot.)

The culprits from left to right: Autumn, Tobie, Aurora & Iris.

LOL, Lisa!

12 Responses to “Shelties get a good talking too!”

  1. KC

    Tobie seems rather insulted by the accusation, lol!
    (Aurora, on the other hand, looks a bit sheepish)

  2. francis

    WOW-Cool post!!! I really enjoyed the pictures-thanks for brightening my day! Francis

  3. Wanda

    How could you think those little angels could do anything bad?? Had to be the cat.
    Adorable photo!

  4. shirley

    Aurora looks a bit too content. Perhaps there are still thoughts of the glorious white banner trail.

  5. Jen

    Look at all those innocent little faces. What cuties. Hey – whats a few rolls of TP compared to the joy of shelties :>)

  6. Robby

    Oh, toilet paper! Prancing triumphantly, trailing the glorious white banner behind! Then, the drifts and eddies of finely shredded TP, which make the vacuum cleaner clog up! Is there anything better than TP? I think not!

  7. Miriam

    LOL. My Sheltie LOVES toilet paper, and only plays with it when we all leave her at the same time. She pulls it out from the bathroom and runs with it!

  8. gloria

    Too cute… of course they would stick together… they are shelties! Wonderful picture.

  9. Gwendy

    They all look innocent to me! Are you sure there wasn’t a cat around to blame it on?


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