AbigalHi Sheltie Nation,

We are Sheltie people now!

This is our new dog Abigail.  A few days ago her previous owners brought her and a ere giving her to anybody who came along (or the pound) because they didn’t care about her or want her anymore.  Fortunately someone we know took her in and then we found out about her.

She has been going on walks for the first time and learning how to play.  She is getting more love now than she knows what to do with!

Hugs to you and your family Hailey for giving her the loving home she deserves!

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  1. Ann Marie

    Bless you for caring! Heaven holds a special place for people who make a difference, and you have surely made a difference in Abigail’s life. She’s beautiful! Lucky her! Lucky you! And SHAME on those who abandoned her. The Higher Power will hold them accountable!

  2. Marg Fowler

    that’s a great looking dog
    congrats on your adoption
    I believe there’s a special hell for those who have mistreated the animals
    hope you have a long & healthy life together

  3. Izal's Mom

    I loathe human beings. The thought of “not caring” about my Sheltie is impossible for me to fathom, let alone giving him away to anyone who wanted him. What is wrong with people?

  4. Jen

    She is a very lucky girl and will always know that you ‘saved her’. I think that dogs know when they’ve been helped and are forever loyal. She is a beautiful girl

  5. Suzanne

    Just reading the disrespect of the former owners pained my heart. How anyone can be so rude about such a beautiful creature. I’m so happy that she found you!

  6. francine

    God bless you first of all, for opening your hearts to this deserving girl. Her eyes will continue to fill up with love, tenderness and she will be forever grateful.Keep us all updated with her story, achievments and photos, more photos please!! ;) Ps: Love her name ~Abigal~.

  7. chris

    My first dog was a rescue sheltie that the previous owner actually kicked! This sheltie, Buddy, immediately responded to constant love and care. He was the blessing of my life and I know that your smiling sheltie will “rescue” you during the tough times with her constant adoration

  8. byron

    Thank you for rescuing Abigail. Shame on her former owners. The cruelty and irresponsibility of people are mind boggling. No matter, she is part of your family and your kindness and love will be rewarded million times over. I know, we have 3 rescued shelties. Wouldn’t trade them for anyone or anything.

  9. Leslie

    I know you were meant to have Abigail in your life. You are her forever family and now she can have the life she was born for. Those other “people” are a blip on the radar. Shame on them. You get to keep her and love her always!!!

  10. Marianne

    That sweet dog will love you forever. I too ended up with a second Sheltie that was never walked on a lease nor did she know how to play. She doesn’t like toys but she does have her own way of playing. There are challenges with a rescue but they are so smart and quick to please, your heart only melts with owning a Sheltie. I plan on having a Sheltie in my life forever. Having a kind and open heart makes the world a better place to live. You are one of it’s angels.

  11. Becky

    How could you not love that girl?? She is awesome!! I’m so glad she has a real family now!!

  12. Patti

    What a beautiful girl. I’m so glad she now has a loving family. Thank God that her other people at least had the sense to give her away. Hope they don’t have any kids or other dogs. They don’t deserve any of them.

  13. Bob Burns

    Reminds me of the one T Shirt I bought ……. “The More I Learn About People, The More I Love My Sheltie”. It sounds as though it was an even deal ……… the people that didn’t want Abigail anymore, didn’t deserve to have her (or any animal) in the first place. Take good care of her ….. she deserves it !! B.Burns & The Crew

  14. Julie

    Our Maggie Mae was a rescue 6 years ago and she has brought more joy and love than I ever thought possible. She has a Sheltie heart!!

  15. Miriam

    I agree! How could anyone who owns a Sheltie not be totally in love with them? Thank goodness she has your family now Hailey!

  16. nancy

    What sort of world do we live in that such a lovely animals’ life is worth so little? My concern is if these people have children because studies have proven that those kids are not faring much better than the dog. Bless you Hailey for giving this lovely girl a second chance at happiness!

  17. Cheryl S

    Bless you for giving her another chance. Not only will she get more love that she knows what to do with, but so will you, from her. Shelties love to love back

  18. Laura Calci

    The Sheltie Angels are watching over her and brought her to you. You will be blessed over and over. You will love being a Sheltie family!

  19. Holly Fent

    Hailey has the biggest smile. She now knows that love is in her life. There is nothing like a Sheltie – ENJOY!

  20. Robert Wright

    I noted your comment, “She is getting more love now than she knows what to do with!” You will get that love returned many times over. Take good care of that little sweetie :-)

  21. amy barton

    I can’t understand how anyone could just give her away! I have 12 shelties some were rescued. I could never part with any of them!! God bless you for saving her!!!

  22. Heidi

    What a cutie!!! How could someone not care about a Sheltie or any animal?!?!? Her smile is bright because she found her forever home! :)

  23. Wendy

    How could someone not want that beauty? Well their loss…she looks very happy now! God bless!

  24. d

    How does someone say they dont care about someone or animal no more? living things are just worthless items you just throw away. ugh those people anger me. Im Glad Hailey and her family took this wonderful dog in. May she bring you guys many years of Joy.


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