If you look closely at Magnum’s baby picture, you can see the little toothy grin!  It makes me want to get another one.Mag smileooooh, makes me want another one too!

5 Responses to “Friday’s Featured Fuzzy: baby teeth!”

  1. kelela

    Oh! I love when they have that puppy toothy grin. Especially cuz their teeth are so cute! I will go pour over my puppy pictures….before I buy another one.

  2. Nancy

    What an adorable, precious little face. I agree with Michele…Shelties are way too cute to just have one. My Aunt has our Dickie’s litter mate, “Dolly”. There is lots of Sheltie-play when they get together.

  3. Susan L.

    If you tell my Cait, who just turned three, that she has beautiful teeth, she will give you a toothy grin. You don’t necessarily have to have a young pup to enjoy a little toothy grin. Still, the adorableness of Magnum makes me want another one too.


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