Here is my white Sheltie puppy Sasha “herding” sheep.  She was born deaf and partially blind, but true instinct shines through despite any handicaps!Herding1 Herding2 What a wonderful story Nancy!

4 Responses to “Sheltie motto: Always try!”

  1. Nancy

    Hi Anne, kudos to you for rescuing your handicapped girl. I’m sure she’ll realize what a good life she now has and will become everything you want her to be. They are special, but they don’t know it – they just live their life the best they can, and are usually the happiest dogs in the world :) Good luck to you and your “early Christmas present” to yourself, and Bella!

  2. Nancy

    thanks so much for your kind words about Sasha. She lives life deliriously happy; she doesn’t know she’s handicapped :) She’s a true joy and I’m so happy her breeder decided not to put her down at birth which gave me the chance to own a special spirit.

  3. Anne

    I just rescued a deaf, half blind sheltie (Bella) who could be the twin to this one. Gives me hope that she will be able to accomplish the same feats.

  4. Nancy

    What a beautiful little girl and a testament to the deep inbred need to herd no matter who, what, when or where.Sasha is very a special! She has that true Sheltie desire to be happy and helpful and obviously she gives little regard to her handicaps. She just gets out there and GOES!


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