Poor Angel got a little tired of waiting for me to finish my project for work.
Angelsleeping Awe Lauri, how did you ever manage to get anything done!

3 Responses to “Sheltie patient persistence”

  1. nancy

    Angel looks so much like our Dickie. I get the chest butt in my thigh when I am spending too much time working on the computer. If I don’t respond I get a toy in the mouth with a chest butt next. If I’m still too busy I get half a Sheltie in my lap with said gooey toy.” Come on Mom! Play with me!” What a HAM!!!

  2. Gwendy

    Awwww! My shelties will go as far as dropping their toys and balls on my laptop to get my attention.I love it!

  3. francine

    Angel is very sweet, my girl was like that also. She brought me so much joy! God bless you and enjoy her!


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