After a very rainy week, our back yard in Glenarm, IL was full of mud.  We had to block access to the doggy door and cleaned up the mess.  We took this picture of Jazper just before his bath! Jazpermudoooooh, Pam And Brian!

5 Responses to “What do you mean “bath”? I’m not that dirty!”

  1. KC

    Ohmygoodness, the look on his face is priceless!!! Give Jazper a big hug for me ~ after he’s clean and dry, of course! LOL

  2. DonZilla

    Ditto Gwendy! Our local dog park is perpetually muddy or under water. The professional groomer’s hose and sprayer was a great investment!

  3. Gwendy

    aaaahhhh the muddy sheltie syndrome! Our back yard has been muddy for weeks. I’m actually hoping for cold freezing temperatures so my shelties can go out and play without looking like that when they come in!


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