8 Responses to “Friday’s Featured Fuzzy: I’m unbearablely cute!”

  1. Jenny

    YAY Bailey!!! Randi, I know I have already told you, but she is such a cutie pie. Give her hugs from Kai’a and I!!!

  2. Wanda M

    OMG! What a face!!! It makes me want to go get a new puppy right now!
    You are so lucky!

  3. kelela

    Friday’s are definitely dangerous Gwen. But how can pass up that totally cute face???!!!

  4. kelela

    Oh my. Look at that cccccuuuuuttteeee face!!! Bailey already has me wrapped around his little paw. Friday’s are definitely dangerous.

  5. Gwendy

    I have to stop looking at sheltie nation on Fridays or I’m going to end up with four of them! That is one VERY cute face!


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