6 Responses to “The always “helpful” Sheltie”

  1. Caro

    Just like my male sheltie – and it looks like Shelby enjoys taking it on just as much. The rake is an evil device that must be brought under control! And I’m with Paige – the vacuum, broom and anything else that moves.
    Those shelties are such clowns!

  2. Nancy

    Our Dickie hates the vacuum. I have found putting him in his crate works very well. I don’t make it a punishment. I use my happy voice and I tell him he has to go into his office for a little while.I give him a cookie and a toy and he’s happy.
    When I fire up the vacuum he will give it and me the stink-eye but he won’t bark while he’s in the crate.
    Is your Sheltie crate trained? Crate training is such a good idea. Give it try! Hope this helps!

  3. Guy

    After reading your post and talking to others, I’m beginning to think this is inherent in the breed, because I can’t do those things either. He especially despises the vacuum cleaner and attacks it when I start it up. Basically anything you hold in your hand and push: vacuum, broom, mop, and as I found out the other morning the iron. I’ve only had my Sheltie for three weeks, but he’s a year and a half old, so I initially thought maybe he was traumatized along the way by one of these things. I have to put him outside also because he gets really agitated. I’d love to hear a solution if anyone has one…

  4. jim

    We have a sheltie and HER name is shelby. Who named that boy lol . Have a great time with your dog . Shelby says “hi” to Shelby

  5. Jennifer Wilson

    He looks just like my Charlie! Except Charlie would never come near a rake. He is very scared of the mop, the broom, the vacuum cleaner, and anything with a handle. I hate to think of why, but we will make sure he only has good days ahead of him!

  6. Paige

    Does Shelby bite every tool like my ‘boys’? Timmy especially barks and bites at the vacuum, the broom, the rake, the mower, the blower, etc etc. We have to put him in to clean outside and put him out to clean in. He really hates those tools!


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