Well, it looks like it might turn into “Snow Week” here at Sheltie Nation.  They just keep coming!  :)) So without further ado…..

Snow bunnies in PA!

Snow bunnies

From top to bottom, Chase (with Frisbee, Cody, Kelly, Casey, Jacque (the human) and Sammy the mill rescue!)

And a closeup of Chase the snow bear.Chasefrisbee Love these Linda!

Bosley doesn’t want to go back inside!Bosleysnow Awe Robin, you stayed out a little longer, right?  ;)

Too much of a good thing Chase?Chasesnow:) Stephanie & Dan

Bailey says “don’t go inside mom!”Baileysnow What a sweet expression he has Sandy!

Max + Fred + Snow = craziness! Snowbees Looks like fun Brian!  Amazing snow you have in Dallas!

Clover doesn’t want it to be over.

CloversnowI know, that was baaaad wasn’t it Roslyn?  LOL

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