Shelties are smart and it can be a challenge to keep them entertained.  As a result, I’m always on the lookout for fun & unusual products for my little Sheltie geniuses.  ;)

Designer Doggy is a trendy new webstore that focuses on designer dog beds, carriers and clothes. They carry products by some of the major pet designers like Oscar Newman, Cece Kent & Foufou Dog.  But I’ve found the real hidden treasure for Sheltie lovers is in the toy section!

Designer Doggy has great selection of 10 different puzzle toys as well as some super fun plush toys! How can you not love the “I-Bone“, “Hard-Bark guitar” or the “Chewy Vuitton” squeaky toy?

Although, if you really want to challenge & stimulate your Sheltie, (short of getting a herd of Sheep) try a puzzle toy!  Shelties love to show off their skills and intelligence – they are good problem solvers, so working together on a puzzle toy is an additional fun way for you to interact with your pup.

These type of toys require the dog to push, shove, roll and bat the toy around to get the toy to drop or dispense the treats.  (The toys are not designed to be chewed on, although some are resistent to being chewed on.)  A Shelite that is heavily mouth oriented may not enjoy this kind, but other dogs can go crazy for them. Watch your Shelite at play. If they tend to use their paws to hold, stop, catch or bat a toy then it will likely enjoy a puzzle toy.  Designer Doggy sells several different degree of difficulty puzzles so it is easy to find one right for your Sheltie.

(These Nina Ottosson Interactive Dog Toy Puzzles were also winners of the 2008 Top Ten Dog Products of the Year.)

Tempting enough for you to try?  Well, Designer Doggy also offers a very competitive $5.00 flat rate shipping on all orders, but if you order $150.00 or more, shipping is free!  So if you are looking for something different, check out Designer Doggy!

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