When you get to be Jenna’s age (14) sometimes the best kind of friends are the quiet ones. Jennafriend Hugs to you Laura & Frank for fostering her.  She looks soooo sweet!

4 Responses to “This Sheltie doesn’t bark!”

  1. sharon7

    SO CUTE! She looks spunky for a 14 year old and very sweet too. Hooray for you for fostering her.

  2. Sharon

    SO CUTE! She is one spunky looking 14 year old, the sweetness just shines out of her. Hooray for you fostering her.

  3. maida farrar

    This sweetie-pie sure reminds me of our very first Sheltie, Vickie. Vickie was just terribly sweet and lived to be around 14 too, maybe was a bit older when we lost her. We have been loyal Sheltie fans ever since and have now been lucky enough to have had nine wonderful precious little Shelties to love. Thank you for this wonderful picture.

  4. Cliff

    14 – wow! you can tell she has had a lot of love and I am sure given as much back


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