Nobody move (or breathe)!  Baron and Rookie can’t wait to dig in! Birthdaycake What a cute photo Terri – and great cake!  :))

8 Responses to “A TRUE obedience test!”

  1. Terri

    My daughter says that this is the recipe… Then, decorate it to make it your own ;-)… The frosting recipe is also on this site.

  2. steffy

    Your shelties are beautiful and so well behaved. What a cute idea for the cake. If you have time i would like the recipe also.

  3. Terri

    lol…thanks everyone. Yes, the cake was cut into slices, and served appropriately on dishes too!
    Paige..I’ll see if I can get that recipe. My daughter made the cake. She actually had an order for another one for our neighbor’s grand-dog’s birthday..
    Funny story…she took a slice of the cake to work for her boss’s dog to have. It was forgotten, and left overnight in the fridge. The next day, it was GONE and all that was left was the dog biscuits! Somebody removed them and ate the cake! They must be questionning the baking skills here..LOL The boss posted a message on the bulleting board.. “WHO ATE MY DOG’S CAKE!” Of course, nobody fessed up! haha…


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