(I have been so far behind on my email that I missed a bunch of awesome snow photos.  Hope you all don’t mind seeing them out of season!)

Mocha’s sticky situation!Mochasnow Goodness Claire!

6 Responses to “April Snow Week”

  1. Tim15856

    Wow, and I thought the huge snowballs on Kasey’s legs were big. I’ve never seen anything like that

  2. Lisa

    Get your Shelite a Greyhound coat. I have one for Autumn and it covers all 4 legs, back and chest. It also has a turtle neck. She rarley ever gets any snow balls now!

  3. Gwendy

    I hate when that happens! My poor Isabel gets so many snowballs attached to her that she can’t (or won’t) move. Then I have to go out and rescue her.

  4. Ann Marie

    Of course we don’t mind! I want to see every one of their beautiful faces!

  5. Maida Farrar

    This is a really darling photo. Can’t believe how she did this. I just hope right after the picture Mom got this snow-coat off because it can get really cold and even burn her if left stuck on her.

  6. Shelly

    OMG what a sweetie… almost looks like she has a snow coat on… Laci gets snow balls on her feet but never like this… Looks like she had a ball


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