4 Responses to “I will defeat you with my cuteness!”

  1. Kerry

    Eva, what a beauty. I say that in part because he looks like my 12 year old sheltie, whom I adopted when he was 7! He even has the same big paws.
    He has a great smile. You are clearly the love of his life.

  2. Eva

    Thank you for the kind words on my darling Momo. He is the love of my life and in fact will turn 14 next month. I adopted him three years ago from Southland Sheltie Rescue — he had been dumped in a kill shelter. People are crazy (as well as cruel)….By a wild series of coincidences, I ended up finding out his breeder and pedigree and his dad was Macdega Malibu, if you follow Sheltie history. LOL in any case he is doing a lot less lying down now, as he had neurosurgery a month ago and can now walk as he has not been able to for a year. Yippee!

  3. Guy

    What a handsome old fella…And, memories I’m sure, are by the bucketsful..


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