SadielookI went to a Sheltie rescue in Frederick MD looking for a companion sheltie for my other rescue – a young sheltie with some physical and emotional problems.

They had about 15 Shelties there, 8 of whom were up for adoption. When I asked about the blue merle hiding under a bush, I was told "oh that's Sadie. She is afraid of the other dogs. She won't play with your little Sheltie".

I wanted to meet Sadie anyway. She sheepishly came out from under the bush when coaxed, but ran right back when the other dogs rallied around us. We went up on the deck and the foster mom went inside to answer the phone.

With all of the other dogs jumping around my feet and barking excitedly, I stood there with my eyes closed praying that God would bring Sadie up on the deck, if she was the one for me. After a few minutes I felt a paw lightly patting my leg. There she was, braving all of those other dogs to paw my leg and let me know she was the one.

I was crying when the foster mom came back out. Sadie stole my heart that day. She is an absolute sweetheart and even though she is slowing down, she's still going strong.

Lucky you Debbie & Dale!

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  1. Susan

    Sadie is as sweet as she can be and her story really touched my heart. I rescued my first sheltie and when he looked into my eyes, I knew he was for me — it was love at first sight.

  2. Debbie

    Sadie is 15. I’ve had her for 9 years now. She is a sweetheart and a beauty! I’m sure it was very hard to surrender your Sheltie. God bless you Jeannie. Trust that your Zoe is happy in her forever home.

  3. Jeannine Gallagher

    How old is Sadie? She looks so cute and sweet. I had a female sheltie named Zoe that I surrendered to rescue almost 2 years ago. It was a very hard and heartbreaking decision for me. I miss her everyday and wish I could just see her again. She’s on my mind alot. I am pretty sure she’s doing well with her new owners. Forever in my heart.

  4. DonZilla

    Hi Paige. I couldn’t adopt an older Sheltie because most of the private rescue organizations in my area (southern PA/NJ) require fenced-in yards, which I don’t have. So, even after 14-1/2 years of successful, responsible dog ownership with my previous Sheltie, I had to buy a pup from a breeder. Why people think a fenced-in yard is a guarantee of responsible pet ownership, I’ll never understand. Most of my neighbors with fenced-in yards leave their dogs alone in them to be bored and bark their heads off . . .

  5. DonZilla

    To answer part of Paige’s question about why so many Shelties are still in shelters: I wanted to adopt an older Sheltie this time around but couldn’t, because most of the private rescue organizations in my area (southern PA/NJ) require fenced-in yards, which I don’t have. So, even after 14-1/2 years of successful, responsible dog ownership, I had to buy a puppy from a breeder again.
    I don’t know why people think having a fenced-in yard is a guarantee of responsibility. There are plenty of fenced-in yards in my neighborhood with bored dogs left out by themselves, barking their heads off. I never see these dogs on leash walks, in training, or being taken for rides in the car. So, I’m still waiting for someone to tell me how responsible that whole fenced-in yard thing is.

  6. Sandi

    Like you – I am a believer! My sign, like yours, was clear and now I am the fortunate mom of a merle Sheltie as well!
    God Bless you for being there for Sadie and understanding her need!

  7. Sandra

    What a wonderful story, yes, Sadie was meant for you! Shelties hold a special place in all our hearts!

  8. Paige

    Give Sadie a big hug for me! And what can we do (I am in SC) to get those other Shelties adopted? I have a hard time understanding why so many are in shelters:(

  9. Jennifer Wilson

    What a wonderful story. There is a special place for people like you!

  10. Linda

    What a beautiful story and what a lucky dog to have found you. Isn’t it amazing how they seem to know when something is right. Hugs to Sadie for finding her forever home and hugs to you for being a sheltie’s angel.

  11. Ronna Bacon

    What a beautiful dog and what a beautiful story. God does answer our prayers where animals are concerned.

  12. Becky

    What a lovely girl! I just might have to make a trip to Frederick as it isn’t too far from me! Congrats on giving Sadie her forever home!!


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