Snow mazes!

This is my beloved Jack, in the ‘snow maze’ that his Daddy dug for him in our backyard. We got about 20″ of snow in central Delaware, extremely unusual for us! The walls of the ‘maze’ were higher than Jack (he’s 17 1/2 at the shoulder.)
He was a little shy at first, but when he had ‘learned’ the path, he raced around as fast as he could!!
Maze1 Jack checks his dad’s hard work.Maze2Ann Marie and (hard workin’) Jim deserve a medal!

5 Responses to “What makes a GREAT Sheltie owner?”

  1. Mary

    We would also shovel for our shelties who have since crossed the RB. Such wonderful memories of shoveling just enough so, like someone said, they could feel the grass, hurry and go and then RUN back into the house. What I wouldn’t give to shovel for them again.

  2. Debbie

    Here in Maryland we got lots of snow as well. One of our rescued Shelties, Lacey, will do her business anywhere – but the other one, Sadie, has to feel grass under her feet. We dug out a 10×10 foot area down to the grass to give the girls a place to go. It was hard work to keep it clear with all the snow we got – but our girls are worth it.

  3. Cindy

    Jack is one lucky Sheltie to have humans who love him sooo much they build him a snow maze! I think it’s adorable :D


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