Oooh, naughty boy…and the look on his face says he knows it!LOL..Icky Gwendy!

12 Responses to “Bad, bad Bastien!”

  1. Lynn Thibodeau

    Gee…Bastien looks says it all; “was it worth it? was it REALLY worth what’s coming next?” :) Don’t worry, Bastien. We all know that dirty shelties have more fun!

  2. corby and laurinda

    at our house, we call that ‘mud boots’.
    it looks like bastien has his ph.d in ‘mud boots’!
    and i’ll bet it was so much fun getting there!

  3. John

    LOL, It washes off, doesn’t it Bastien! A bit of soap and water, and you’ll be ready for the next mud puddle. :-)

  4. Dawn

    Even when you’re a sweet, beautiful ,fluffy sheltie…you gotta be a dog. You go Bastien!

  5. Lisa

    Ah! I’ve seen that look before. The “how can you get mad at this cute face” look.

  6. Linda

    Yes, he knows he is in trouble but he had a good time getting there. They do keep our lives interesting, don’t they?


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