6 Responses to “Isn’t it nice to know you are missed?”

  1. Leslie

    Oh the back of our front door needs to be repainted thanks to Keegan. He jumps on the door when he finally sees us, barking and actin’ a fool! :-)

  2. [email protected]

    How do they know? Matilda wait so patiently, and yet greets us like it has been days, not hours or minutes that we last saw her.
    Separation anxiety is so hard for both of us.

  3. Robertjm

    The dogs can’t get to the window at our house, but they go up to the front door and stare a whole through the crack in the door frame till someone opens it!!

  4. Leslie

    He does, as does his brother. I typically get home about a half hour before my husband, and our other dog (a mutt) whines incessantly from the time I get home until daddy gets home. They know. Their internal clocks are phenomenal.
    Thanks Sheltie Nation for the post! I’ll have to show Keegan when I get home from work today.

  5. Jackie

    Hope Keegan greets daddy joyfully. Wallace & Rylie create pandemonium when their man comes home. (PS, he makes their dinner.)


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