Champ picked a fine spot for a nap!  How DO they know?
Champsleep1 Not putting that screen door together anytime soon Paul & Rachel?

10 Responses to “Murphy’s Law of Shelties”

  1. John Smith

    I know all about Murphy’s Law – who hasn’t had a pet that decided their new coffee table was delicious?

  2. Judy

    They keep things warm for you. Who doesn’t like a warm newspaper or cellphone…?

  3. Danielle

    Whenever I can’t find my cell phone, I know to look under our sheltie. Cute pic.

  4. Melissa

    They always find just the thing you MIGHT need or the next place you MIGHT sit or walk. They are just too smart.

  5. Karen

    My Sheltie likes to sleep on newspaper…must feel cool to her! They are so awesome!! <3

  6. Erin

    Our Sheltie gets in the way like that too! Murphy’s Law! Haha, great picture.

  7. Linda

    And if he is anything like my 2 he will stand up just as you are going to pick up your foot to walk over him. But you still love them.


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