Nah, its just Bramble, Poppy, and Daisy in their new bandannas!  :)Cookies Corby…lots of cookies!  :))

6 Responses to “Sheltie Gypsies?”

  1. Lynn Thibodeau

    They are absolutely gorgeous! But I HAVE to ask did you mean bandannas or truly mean bananas? Bananas works for me. I have 3 and sometimes think I am completely bananas! :)

  2. Debbie

    Aww, these are just too cute!! I love the look in their eyes — you can almost hear ’em saying, “C’mon, mom, you’ve gotta be kiddin’, right?”

  3. caren gittleman

    OMG I love this!!

    I sometimes put a towel or bandanna on my Sheltie’s head like this and I say “I”m just a poor Sheltie woman!” (my dog is a boy lol)…..
    This photo is priceless! Can’t believe they sat so nicely with the bandannas on their heads!
    Love this!!


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