11 Responses to “Bouncing makes me dry faster!”

  1. Liz

    The only way my 2 put up with a bath is the Greenie they get after drying. And they never forget about the treat. Bath time today.

  2. Kimberly D

    Too right, Gwendy! Everybody else I talk to gets a puzzled look on their face when I say “after bath zoomies”!

    This is such a cute picture!

  3. Dawn

    Fantastic camera work! You sure gave me a giggle to start my Sunday…thanks!

  4. Gwendy

    After bath zoomies….another term that only shelties lovers would understand. I think there should be a sheltie dictionary.

    • Nina

      Mine does “lappies” through the house, onto the spare bedroom bed, back of the couch, rolling on the carpet, sticking her schnoz in any available towel or blanket or rug – all in her “after getting wet” rituals! Crazeee furkid!


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