14 Responses to “Friday’s Featured Fuzzy: 2x the cute!”

  1. sylvia

    Beautiful picture – “Best Friends Forever”. We have two exactly alike,
    and they are attached at the hip so as to speak with everything they do.

    • Kate Colbert

      Having “buddy puppies” is the best. Chloe and Misty are litter mates. Yesterday, Chloe (the tri) had surgery to repair a hernia, and it’s so hard to watch them suffer the emotional distress of being separated so Chloe can heal. Poor Misty is behind herself with boredom — no one to herd!

  2. Barbara

    were these two puppies on an upstream last year? I think I watched them on line. They are just so beautiful.

  3. Denise

    I have two shelties, that looked exactly like these two when they were puppies……….They are beautiful!! I want them~

  4. Jenni

    Oh my gosh, how cute is that!!! I am so in love with Sheltie puppies!! I have never been able to see one in a pet store and not go back at some point to get it. They are just the cutest and most perfect companions.

    • Ruth Shoenthal

      Pah-lease don’t buy a sheltie from a pet store. They’re puppy mill dogs and we want to shut them down. Adopt, adopt, adopt. I’ve adopted 2 pairs — blue merle sisters and sable 1/2 brothers. Best thing I’ve ever done!


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