Because of Sheltie Nation, Baron and Emmie came together as Aunt and Nephew.  Awhile back, Emmie and her sister Callie were the pic of the day on SN…  Conversations then began, the realization came to light that Baron & Emmie are related.  A pupper friendship was born as well as a human friendship.  We all finally got together to meet in person .  Such a treasure!

Left to right… Rookie, Baron, Emmie & Callie
:)) Terri!

4 Responses to “Sheltie Nation family reunion!”

  1. Cindy H

    This was the funnest “playdate” at our new friends house! I am the proud mom of Emmie & Callie (the 2 on the right) and we shared SO many laughs and smiles as our 2 girls ran with Baron & Rookie. Nothing better than getting shelties together to run and play – especially when they have wonderful dog-parents like Terri & Doug! So blessed to be loved by shelties :)


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