Three of these Shelties are from Rescue, One is Joey (remember his story? aka Joey the Pirate), one is arrow and the other Snowy, all rescued.  We had a 4th of July party not just for us humans but for Shelties too!

Left to right: Joey, Frosty, Haley, Storm, Summer, Tobie, Arrow, and Snowy in the front!

Nice job getting them to pose Heidi!

10 Responses to “Time to celebrate!”

  1. Mel

    Some of the best behaved and happiest buddies you’ve ever seen! They always make me smile!

  2. Gloria

    Now that is patriotic! Wonderful picture… Wonder how many other breeds would sit still for such a great photo. Gotta LOVE those shelties! Even our troops would be proud.

  3. eneda

    They are all so beautiful!!! I am so glad Joey is in a happy home now!!!

  4. Emma

    This should be the poster for sheltie diversity! Reminds me of that song about Jesus loves the little children- “red and yellow, black and white- they are precious in his sight!”


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