10 Responses to “I prefer you over the pillow”

  1. Judy

    I had a boy who always claimed the pillow as his. Now one of my boys cuddles his stuffed animals when he sleeps. Shelties are just waaay to cute and your Darling is irresistible.

  2. Michelle

    haha! Roxy is always finding her way to the pillows on the couch too!!! I’d snuggle darling all day! Shes b-e-a-utiful!

  3. Kate Colbert

    Oh, I’m in love. We’re hoping to add a female sable to the family soon (we have a tri and a blue merle), but haven’t found a litter in our area (near Milwaukee). Darling has the perfect name, and a face that makes me melt! Thanks for sharing this photo.

  4. Karen

    Darling always finds the most comfy spots in the house. I think it’s her top priority! Her brother Duncan is always rearranging pillows by knocking them off the sofa, but he is my snuggle bug. I do think Sheltie’s are the best snugglers!

  5. Paige Thomas

    Geez. . how many times a day do they steal our hearts? I would snuggle all day if I could!:)


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