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  1. Zuzanna

    i wanted to say that you have a wonderful homepage, I’m from germany and love sheltie’s sooooo much.

    I also had a sheltie but hie has died 2 weeks ago, my heart is broken, but when i see your homepage, ……that gives my smile back and my heart shining again.

    And i remember my dog and i had wondrful time with him, he was my baby, my everything and i’m so glad to have had him….

    Sorry but my english is very bad…=(

    As said, I love your Homepage and and watches every day whether you new photos inside has.

    Many lots of love
    Zuzanna from Germany

    • Kathy

      I am sorry to hear about your sheltie, Zuzanna.
      I lost mine 3 months ago and i know how you feel.
      I had Shania for 14 years. it doesn’t matter how long u have one, it still hurts.
      take care

      • Zuzanna

        Hey Kathy,
        i’m sorry about your shania too, it hurts so much.

        My sheltie Samy was 8 years old, almost 9 .

        Unfortunately we found over the years, it was a bad breeding,but I am glad that I had him and regret not one second hand. He was so kind, funny and such a brave little dog. do you think that you buy yourself a new dog? I dont know what I think in 10 years,but the pain is currently too big….i miss him so much …..but I dont need to tell that, you know yourself how it is.

        Many love greetings

    • Lyn Foley

      Your Sheltie is waiting at Rainbow bridge and would love more Shelties to play with through time. Each one is so individual. I have six Shelties waiting for me and one more still with me. My present Sheltie Katie is with me. She and I are both quite arthritic and have the same problem walking. We love each other’s company.

  2. Lynn Thibodeau

    Shelties love that shopping! :) Can you say new leash and matching collar?

    • Jennifer

      I think they get it from their owners. I’m a shop-a-holic when it comes to magazines and venders at shows. ;) Heaven help my pocket book at the up-coming sheltie nationals.


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