12 Responses to “Have a Sheltie? Need to mop the floor? Forgetaboutit!”

  1. Amanda

    I have a video of mine doing the same think… except she barks the whole time and at one point she brings a stuffed toy into the mix!

  2. Judy

    Yep, that looks familiar. Those herding instincts show up so quickly, don’t they? I especially like the one where he takes the shortcut under the table to head the mop off at the pass :)

  3. Kate Colbert

    Oh, I remember the days when our shelties could wait to bark for 40 seconds. Now, they’re barking and growling before the mop or vacuum even makes it all the way out of the closet! So cute… Makes me want another puppy!

  4. Candi

    Too cute!! Mine does the same thing. Also
    loves the regular vacuum cleaner and chasing
    his remote control car!!

  5. leslie morgan

    Well,that just made my day! Makes mopping the floor an enjoyable task when you have a sheltie pup helping!

  6. eneda

    LOL!! Mine does that too. Add a cat to the equation and it becomes impossible to clean!!

  7. Linda

    How sweet. I love the little hops and yips. I have the same problem, with brooms, mops and vacuums. Love those helpful Shelties.


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