Nattie says:  “You are NOT going on tour without me!”LOL what a look Alysa!

12 Responses to “Oh no you don’t!”

  1. Jackie

    I think that they think that they know best and we should stay put, with them of course. They need to be herd! And humans do not listen!

  2. Mary

    This is exactly why we never go anywhere – no vacations – no overnight trips – just can’t leave them behind. No one but another sheltie owner ever understands why we just love staying home.

  3. Maida Farrar

    Nattie is just so sweet looking (as are all Shelties). You really cannot go without her! She is a really beautiful little girl.

  4. Susan L

    First sheltie commandment: Thou shalt go nowhere without me.

    My Cait is always plotting ways to force me to take her with me, even when weather is far too hot to leave a sheltie in a car even for minutes. Each time I out trick her into being captured and put safely in the house, she remembers it and needs a new trick the next time. When I return after leaving her for the predicted hour (in an air conditioned house and with two other dogs for company) she complains loud and long about being left behind. I always tell my dogs when I’ll be returning which comforts the other two but not Cait, who really, really believes her place is always by me.

  5. Terri

    I think she means business Alysa! Maybe put some bells on her and she can make music with you?? lol


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