Ah yes, the look we all know so well!Frederick & Bethany tell us this is what greets them in the morning when Rhett wants his walk!

12 Responses to “Airplane ears!”

  1. Rapha's Mom

    I call that “the calendar pose” when Rapha wants something, he strikes the perfect pose.

  2. Bethany

    He’s my lil man. As soon as I peek with my one eye open, his ears go straight down. He gets so excited when Fred and I wake up in the mornings. I tell ya, it is the best way to start the day. BTW, Leslie…yes, there will be a Scarlett in the near future.

  3. leslie morgan

    Mine get their ears so flat against their heads you’d swear they don’t have any. (BTW is there a Scarlett in Rhett’s future?)

    • Frederick & Bethany

      Hello, Leslie

      It is funny that we are planning to have a female Sheltie soon and we are planning to name her SCARLETT! you had read our mind ;)

      Fred & Beth


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