Today would have been Trevor’s 12th birthday.  I couldn’t resist sharing some of my favorite puppy pictures of him.

Puppy time goes by way too fast.

I will always love & miss you sweetpea.  You made a difference in the world!

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  1. Rapha's mom

    What a little darling – I’m so sorry for your loss. A sheltie is more than a pet – it’s a deep and integral relationship.

  2. Dianne Dirksen

    It is so terribly hard and devastaing to us when we love our friends

    He was and angel sent to watch over you , and he was absolutely adorable. Thinking of you and your beloved friend who you miss so much.He will be with you forever in your heart.

  3. Jan Hunter


    Thank you for sharing Trevor’s puppy pics with us. He was as gorgeous a puppy as I have ever seen. Seeing him and reading about others of us who have shelties waiting for us at the bridge has made me cry and cry. I lost one last October and boy, did this bring back the tears. I agree with the others that the joy they bring is worth the pain. Shelties are so beautiful and are a wonderful gift from God.

  4. Bill G.

    There is something so very special about puppies; but Sheltie puppies are the best. As they grow into kids and adult dogs, they always manage to keep some of that puppy in everything that they do. I have three Shelties waiting for me across the Rainbow Bridge. I will have more at some point in time, but right now I have a very sweet Pomeranian who helps me during down times: I think she has a Sheltie soul.

    See you over the Bridge Windy, Champ and Tzigane.

    Always remember that as much as we loved (and still love) our Shelties, they loved and love us that much and more. Keep the happy thoughts.


  5. Erin

    What a cutie! I wish we could see our darling friends again … it’s so hard to not get to see them ever again. Thank you for sharing. Hope you are hanging in there.

  6. Liisa

    Adorable! At least you can miss him but he can’t miss you. Thank you for sharing him with us.

  7. Melanie

    Dear Kelly,
    Thank you and Trevor for being in our lives, Trevor looks just like our Catera, we lost her just over month ago she was 13. Hugs to you and for all that you do for us.

  8. Ramona

    Trevor will always be with you in spirit – such an adorable puppy who grew up to be a beautiful boy. You both have made a difference in the world.

  9. leslie morgan

    Soulful eyes, sweet puppy breath, fuzzy ears. What’s not to love about a sheltie baby like Trevor? And he loved you too, more than you know.

  10. Sandy

    We lost our sweet Samson last December, and he would have been twelve a few months ago. I know how you miss Trevor. It’s not easy, but I know the time is coming when to think of Samson will make us smile, rather than cry. I’m sure itt will be the same for you soon when you think of Trevor.

  11. Julie LaPoint (aka MaggieMae)

    How sweet – the puppy months really go fast. He is resting in peace now and I think he’s watching over you and is glad you loved him so much. Our Kodi has been gone for over two years and it does get better with time but I miss him still. Thanks for all you do – each day is blessed for all of us with our Sheltie emails!

  12. Ann

    He is just too cute for words.
    I lost my Molly suddenly last November and I know how difficult this must be for you this time of year. I feel for your loss. You were truly blessed.

  13. dawn

    He was such a beautiful baby. My heart goes out to you on this day remembering sweet Trevor’s life. What a blessing they are to us. Reast in peace dear Trevor.

  14. Ruth Shoenthal

    Kelly —

    After I get my morning Sheltie cuddle time with my two guys, I go directly to Sheltie Nation for my morning Sheltie “Ooooh” fix. I have enjoyed every picture for years now but there was always something very special about the Trevor pictures. Just as we never stop loving them, they never stop loving us. Keep that in your heart and the day will be easier.


  15. leesa

    Eyes are the mirror of the soul. I was immediately struck by Trevor’s eyes. This was a little guy who was wise way beyond his years. How truly blessed you both were – this was a soul who understood you from the day you met.
    Thank you for the beautiful memory.

  16. jackie

    My heart so hurts for you. The greater the joy the greater the hurt and grief when we lose them. But, no matter how much we hurt, we would never give up all those years of joy.

  17. Michele

    He was beautiful and always will be. And you, Kelly, have come a long ways , to be able to post this today. Happy Birthday Angel!!

    Michele, Aspen, Chloe and Breezy

  18. Sandra

    I know how much you miss your sweetie! My sweet girl Sandy passed away last year and would have been 13 this past May. I think of her every single day and love and miss her all the same! Our shelties are our angels here on earth and there in doggie heaven.
    God bless you as you get thru this day!

  19. Debbie

    Aww, this is just too cute! Isn’t it a blessing to have known and loved this wonderful Sheltie (and been loved so faithfully in return)? I’m sure this is a sad day for you, but take comfort from knowing you’ll meet up again one day at the Rainbow Bridge.

  20. Laura Calci

    Dear Kelly,
    This is a very special day remembering Trevor. Enjoy reflecting back on so many memories that will be with you forever. I so love this breed. Shelties are the best and thank you for having this wonderful place to visit every day. We always look forward to it. We feel like we know you!

  21. Janie Diederich

    Thinking of you today, and sending you hugs (from Trevor, and me and my furry Sheltie babies)

  22. Susan

    Oh, how hard today is for you. May his little paw prints across your heart give you comfort. While he is physically gone, he remains in your heart forever.

  23. Paige Thomas

    Sooo precious! Hugs and kisses to you. He is beautiful and I know his presence is somehow with you. Thanks for sharing.

  24. caren gittleman

    Huge hugs to you on what would have been Trevor’s birthday…I know how hard this has to be….

    You make a difference in the world as well…thanks for all that you do

  25. Sandy

    I think that they come to us as angels to watch over us here on earth on till God calls them home! My Laci is my stress buster everyday!

  26. karen

    Trevor is so adorable, I feel so much for your loss. My own sheltie Riley is also 12 and was diagnosed with bladder cancer in early August. It is devastating!! Can’t imagine losing him.


  27. Joe & Linda


    We never forget our soul dogs. Our Macallan, who we also lost earlier this year, would have been twelve next week. Trevor, Macallan and all the wonderful shelties that have brought joy and enrichment to our world live on in our hearts and in our memories.

  28. Toneth

    You can tell how much of a sweetheart he’s going to be even at that early age. Thank you for sharing. I’m sure Trevor is dearly missed =)


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