Annie, Layla and I went to Galesburg, IL last weekend to visit our best Sheltie friends.  Who knew Galesburg was the Sheltie Capital of the Midwest??(Christina says Layla and Annie are on the far right!)

18 Responses to “THE cutest garden edging”

  1. Karen, Sitka's Mom

    The old saying “Pretty as a picture” must have been written for this occasion!

  2. jackie

    Fourteen Shelties all waiting for a cookie for good behavior. Still wondering how they did that.

  3. leslie morgan

    Okay, how’d ya get ’em all to stay still long enough for the shot? That’s the best trick ever!

  4. Toffee's Mom

    the greatest pic ever of the most well behaved Shelties on Sheltie Nation, I think!


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