“Pirates” Rookie & Baron, and their fair “Maiden” Spring.

Although, she doesn’t look quite as pleased with her costume as the boys do.

The fairer sex has far more sense Terri.  :))

6 Responses to “Boys are stupid!”

  1. Terri

    Ah, thanks everyone. You never know when you’re gonna capture that “just right moment” ;-).. FYI..Spring is fine, and truly being “treated” as the “Princess” she really is..lol

  2. Chris

    I’m sitting in the bar at a fancy Boston hotel, laughing my head off. That has to be the funniest Sheltie Halloween picture since the one of the Shelties dressed up like fast food!

  3. Robby

    Awww, they all look like they think they’re being punished. So, so cruel! Yet so adorable! LOL

  4. Susan L

    Feed Spring cookies STAT. Rookie and Baron look ready to go pillage. Maybe Spring needs a pirate hat too.


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