7 Responses to “Dad’s recliner? Not anymore!”

  1. Kam

    and i thought that it was just my sheltie! my girl, Pennie, sleeps on the couch too. i tried so many times to get her off and sleep in her bed, which is right next to the coffee table. but every time i leave for work, i know she’s on the couch. i even setup a web camera to watch her! i guess i’ll be more lenient :P

  2. Mary

    No one can ever disturb a sleeping Sheltie – you just have to run and get the camera!

  3. Jan Hunter

    He is soooooooooooooooooo adorable. Reminded us of our beloved sheltie, Mr. Hunter who passed away about a year ago. Glad he enjoys HIS house. LOL

  4. LInda

    I would be willing to bet that every Sheltie owner has had to deal with this Sheltie law.

  5. Paige Thomas

    Somehow I think they all adopt a chair.. .my Timmy thinks I bought our den chair just for him:) Cute.


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