4 Responses to “Friday’s Featured Fuzzy: Trouble is really a 5 letter word!”

  1. Leslie

    She has beautiful markings and gorgeous eyes! It would be impossible to get mad at such a sweetie- I don’t think I’d care about a chewed shoe with a face like that to look at every day!

  2. Jennifer

    Ah yes… She does bring the shoe to show off what she found. The next time I saw that shoe, she had successfully ripped out the inner soul. :) It does fit more comfortably, so I couldn’t get mad at her.

    • Susan L

      The next time, the shoe will be useless rather than repaired. Good thing she is so gorgeous. Just think. Only another two years or so before she stops chewing things to pieces.

  3. Paige Thomas

    There is something about those Sheltie faces that keep you from getting TOO frustrated:) Karna is beautiful!


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