So I bought this cake for Daphne’s birthday and wanted to take a picture of it first before I put it down for her to nibble on.  I’m standing up with the cake arms-length away, and here comes Daphne standing on her hind legs trying to get to it like she’s saying, “Hey, momma, whatcha got there?”

What a good mom you are Gia! :)

2 Responses to “I’ll do birthday tricks for THAT!”

  1. KC

    How cute is that?!? She *knows* it’s her cake, so let the party begin! Happy Birfday Daphne :)

  2. Nancy

    Ah, I know that little brown nose. Our Dickie does the same thing! Lovely cake! Was it Human or Sheltie? Glad Daphne had a good 3rd birthday!!!


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