When you have a multi-Sheltie household, things get complicated.

Goodness Pat, 5!

8 Responses to “It’s a Sheltie sofa!”

  1. Leslie

    I’m with Ruth! It must give the “blowing their coats” season a whole new meaning. I have a sable and a bi black, and everytime I brush them, it’s like I could make a whole new dog! Gorgeous family though!

  2. Jennifer

    We think it looks like a recipe for naughtiness!! I just can’t believe they’re all still at the same time.

  3. Janet King

    That looks like heaven to me, all those wonderful shelties, and all blues besides, take about a Silver Lining. ha ha,

  4. Ruth Shoenthal

    Wow! What a fabulous family. But I must ask: “How many times a day do you have to vacuum?”


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