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  1. Michele French

    Just an update!

    Greta,Duncan & Grace came for a visit this past Saturday.Well we ha just an awesome time! Duncan & Mia are so much alike,not just in looks,but mannerism as well.
    At times we could not tell them apart.We took lots of pictures an videos.Thank you Greta,for a wonderful and memorable day.We will for sure keep in touch!

  2. Patti

    I love this picture – Gracie and Duncan are so cute and pose so well! And reading the comments was fun too – it’s cool that two Sheltie families have found each other!

  3. Michele French

    I am so hoping the owners do see this picture.Sometimes folks don’t check emails,or they forget they have submitted a picture…then all of a sudden they may check.

    We are really hoping to be in touch with Duncan’s owners.This could very well be Mia’s brother.Wished I knew where these folks were from.Lets keep our paws crossed it is her brother.

    Thank you every one for posting,it is quite a coinsidance really.I sent a picture or two to Sheltie Nation some time ago,so maye Mia will be here to one day~

    • greta

      Hi Michele! I’m so glad you found our pic! Duncan is excited to hear that his sister Mia is doing well.
      Duncan is deaf but he has adjusted very well to our home. He watches us constantly- pretty much a velcro sheltie ;)

  4. suzanne

    omg this has to be mia’s brother is your duncan deaf
    one of my fb freinds has a dog that is duncans twin. Mia is blind and deaf but they look exactly alike wow

  5. Michele French

    My gosh,I was taken..when I saw this photo,I thought it was photoshopped!

    Your Duncan looks just like our Mia.She is also a double merle.Is Duncan blind or deaf? Mia is both.

    I would love to know more about your double merle. Mia has her own FaceBook page. It is Cinco De Maya Mia.

    Lovely photo!

    • Kathy Benz

      I have a double merle yoo, his name is Kodiak, best sheltie I ever owned.. soo smart, you would never know he was deaf….. I was so upset when I found out that he was a deaf puppy, I took him to a dog trainer, and she had the gall to tell me to take him back, as he would turn out viceous.. YA.. that was 7 years ago, he is soo sweet, the neighbor kids call him ” pillow” cause they all like to lay on him….


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