The only ball Shelby & Riley can’t seem to flatten is a basket ball…so far!

Looks like they are waiting for you to join them Terry!

9 Responses to “Deflation fun!”

    • Terry Niederlander

      They are best buddies – or BF/GF, Riley is just 1 year old, Shelby is 6, Penny is 14, but little Riley seems to think he’s in charge of the girls. Penny says no, you little whippersnapper, and growls at him a lot. Three shelties is a lot of fun!

  1. Lisa

    Give them time. My Autumn hasn’t found a ball she can’t pop. They are very cute together.

  2. Tracey - Duncan's Mom

    Shelby & Riley might want to try Miles Kimbal catalog’s giant, plastic Easter Egg :)

  3. Tracey - Duncan's Mom

    Terry – Have Riley & Shelby tried herding a giant, plastic Easter egg? Duncan loves his – Miles Kimball catalog just around Easter time.


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