8 Responses to “Friday’s Featured Fuzzy: Anyone seen the puppy?”

  1. Otter

    Love the name! The photo reminds me of that scene in ET where the Mom suddenly comes in the room with ET and kids, and ET hides by pretending to be one of the stuffed animals. :-)

    • Monika

      We named her Sailor because we are avid boaters and she was going to have to learn to like it! And she does!

  2. Lisa

    Sailor is just awesome. She looks totally worn out from playing with all her buddies. Sleep well lil one.

  3. Ruth Shoenthal

    Awh…she’s adorable. Can I come over and give her a hug? Looks like she has a playmate. Who sleeps next to her in the other bed?

    • Theresa

      Reminds me of my Levi who has taken over my grandkid’s Dora Chair with all his toys!

    • Joe

      The next bed is the empty one, for when Sailor decides to not be in stealth mode.
      Actually, she takes all her toys out of the crate and puts them in the bed with her.



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