16 Responses to “[Head Tilt] What am I looking at here?”

  1. Leasa and Chip Peraldo


    Bless you for adopting a Double Merle. Even though most doubles are blind or deaf (or both for those Sheltie lovers not familiar with them), they can lead fairly normal lives with some help from their Mom and Dad.

    Mia is a beautiful and lucky girl.

    Thank you for such a great site for all furkid lovers.

    April, Bree, Newman, Ellie and Duncan (all rescued) thank you, too.

  2. Michelle

    Mia is too, too cute!! I’ve never seen a white Sheltie before, but she is beautiful! What color eyes does she have? I’d love to see little face, too! Yes, they do have the oddest ways of sleeping sometimes, don’t they?

  3. Jackie

    Maybe the light disturbs her eyes when she sleeps. She may like one of those nightime eye masks from Santa!

  4. Leslie

    Is Mia a double merle?
    I’m wondering about all the white fur… and congrats on rescuing her- she’s a lucky girl!

  5. Jessica

    Our Fynn loves those little squirrels, too.

    Fynn likes to bury his head under a blanket when he sleeps.

  6. Ann

    Wow, what a pretty coat… I haven’t seen an all white sheltie before. I wish I could see her face…LOL…

  7. Michele French

    Aww..there’s our babe Mia!

    Don’t know what it is,but she sleeps like this alot. She looks like she is doing a high dive!


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