Shelby is praying for that cornbread stick (just outside of the picture) to hit the floor!  :)

Definitely a Southern Sheltie Dee! ;)

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  1. Dee Slout

    Dear Tracy,
    I am so sorry to hear of your loss. I lost my fur daughter last year,
    Feb, 2010 after almost 11 years of being together constantly. I knew
    she was my soul mate Sheltie. I swore I’d never, ever have another
    companion, but one day I saw my Jama on the Sheltie Rescue website
    and new it was a match. He is 10 years old and acts like two. He gives
    so much love that I didn’t know I actually needed so badly. I will always
    carry my Saddie in my heart forever, no one can ever take her place.
    But, I did find another one who needed a forever home, love and
    patience to overcome all he’d gone through. He’s quite the mischievious
    one and loves to make me laugh. I fell in love all over again and will
    never be without a Sheltie again in my life. The pain is equal to the
    deep love we share and believe me I know what you are going through
    still today. My thoughts & prayers are with you. You will one day be

  2. Reid Betten

    My sheltie also named Dasher just passed away last night. She was the most playful and happy dog one could ever meet. My prayers go out to you that your beloved companion may have eternal rest.

  3. Colleen Bassett

    When my 10 year old male sheltie ‘Dougie’ died I took it so hard it was ten years before I went to a sheltie breeder again. ‘Tess’ is now my sweet companion and I wish I had not missed all those years with out the loving, playful personality of a Sheltie. I know someday that I will watch her go as well but I will not be afraid of the pain compared to the sweet love she has given me. My sincere compassion for your loss.

  4. Patti

    My Alick, who is 14 loves cornbread! There are never any leftovers with him around.
    And Tracy, my thoughts are with you as you mourn the loss of your dear friend. Everyday with my Alick is precious and I know that soon I will be without him. God bless.

  5. Bill

    It’s hard to lose one of your best friends and I have lost several over the years. Try the Sheltie rescues for another dog. They need forever homes and are good pets. There is a cute little Sheltie at “Sheltie Rescue of Central Indiana” named Whisper.
    Old Guy

  6. Tracy Kemmer

    My beloved Sheltie passed away at home yesterday.
    Dasher the gentlest dog I have ever had and known died in my home yesterday. OMG he has been by my side for over 9 years and what am I to do? Very LOST at this time.
    O am sure he is home with GOD.
    a Lonely Momma to a Sheltie.

    • Linda

      My heart goes out to you. I know how hard it is to lose a beloved Sheltie. Please know that I will be thinking of you and praying for you in your time of sorrow. Dasher has crossed the bridge and will be there waiting for you. Your Dasher has just earned his wings.

    • Dodie

      Our thoughts are prayers are with you. I’m sure Dasher is playing with our beloved Duchess over the rainbow bridge. Sending hugs to you.

    • Liisa

      So sorry to hear of your loss, it’s never easy to lose such a great friend. Being a Sheltie, I’m sure his life was full of wags and kisses for you. Sending hugs from me and Dengar.

    • Melanie Lau-Wong

      Dear Tracy,
      You are not alone, I am still grieving for our sheltie girl too! We lost Catera at age 13 and she was MY four-legged daughter. It’ll take time and you take all the time you need to process this great lost. But remember, you are never alone!


    • Maida Farrar

      Dear Tracy,

      I am so terribly sorry about Dasher. My heart goes out to you. I have gone through this so many times and it always hurts like nothing else. I know what a terribly lonely time this is for you. I’m praying for you and that God will help you through this. Dasher will always be in your heart and you are always in his too. God bless you.

      Maida Farrar

    • Pat

      Dear Tracy,
      I am so sorry for your loss. I lost Suzy in April and she was with me for almost 11 years. I felt the same way you do. She had kidney failure and we did everything we possibly could.
      I am so sure you did too. It has gotten easier for me because I know I did the right thing and she has crossed the Rainbow Bridge. She has the softest beds and all the liver treats she wants and can run free without pain.

      My sister recommended music by Sophia, Journey Into Love and Healing Chants. Has helped me.

      Blessings upon you.



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