Once you have mastered the basics of  sleeping, you may wish to move on to include expressions, as demonstrated here by Jake.  Caution: Jake is a professional smiley sleeper; do not attempt this maneuver without training and supervision.

Snooze-tacular Nancy!

9 Responses to “Skillful Sheltie Sleeper!”

  1. Colby dog's mom

    Isn’t it amazing how they love to sleep on pillows! They definitely don’t realize they are a dog. Sweet dreams, Jake.

  2. Rapha's mom

    Everytime I see a picture of a sheltie I get a warm feeling inside, like when I look at a beautiful scene, or sunset. I’m hooked!

  3. Robin Hall

    Obviously he Is enjoying his time in fantasy land, with visions of
    endless treats dancing in his head. thats too cute


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