Chance says: ” I know you need to work for a living, but are you done working on that laptop yet?”

Hugs to you Gloria for adopting him.

(I just don’t understand how anyone could abandon a face like that!)

12 Responses to “Those pleading eyes”

  1. Ann

    Who can resist those “sheltie eyes” and the know all look…You are very fortunate to have him. All of my shelties have been adopted, too and deserved the second chance. My little Misty was found pregnant, dirty and starving and wandering outside an animal kill shelter. I am so grateful to have her.

    • Ruth

      My little sheltie Emily is also rescued (my 2nd rescue sheltie…) She is my shadow, and a real mush. Gotta love them, they give us meaning and hopefully, we return the favor.

  2. Gloria

    Thanks for every one’s kind comments! Chance was abandoned at a motel. He is so very grateful for all the love, food, and attention I provide him.Took him to a beginners obedience class when I first got him so we could bond. He never took his eyes off me! He did everything I asked. Even the trainers were shocked at how attentive he was to me. He has the “watch” command down! He is a a huge heart. I am so glad to have been able to adopt him and provide the good home he deserves!

    • lucy

      How cute! I so love shelties. I am on my fourth . My husband and I adopted him three yrs.ago. He was nine when we got him. What a mess he was. Glad to see you adopted yours as well.

  3. karen

    What a beautiful face!! Reminds me of my first sheltie Nikki, a mahogany sable, with that big long nose she stuck in everything – like pockets :-)

    He looks very content, like he is saying “I’m finally home”!

  4. Laura Calci

    What a beautiful face. So much love to give you Gloria. Thank you for giving this boy a home. All Shelties should have a home!

  5. Gloria

    Kelly, I felt the same way… when I met Chance I could not resist that face or his personality! Chance and I are wishing you a HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!


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