Sheltie puppies are great at helping hamper efforts to complete the “to do” list!

Finley puts the kibosh on laptop time!

And now Biscuit gives you just one more excuse not to workout today!

Scratch those off the list Abbey & Kelly! :)

7 Responses to “Thwarting Thursday!”

  1. Kate Colbert

    These photos are so cute! And they remind me of when our girls were puppies. I have puppy fever. As soon as I find a good breeder within driving distance of Chicago or Milwaukee, I’m going to be choosing my next pup. I’ve already asked Santa (my husband), and he’s a softie.

  2. Rolland

    I think one of the reasons Shelties have long noses is so they can use it to type with. Maggie used to sit on my lap (prior to laptop) and watch the curser. Now Cozmo lays next to me sharing my chair and loves to rest his nose on the laptop.

  3. Marg

    Kelly….Biscuit is such a cutie !!!!! I remember her when she was that little! Tell her and Baron that Dayton says hello !

    • Kelly

      Hi Margaret! Thank you so much! I wish she could stay that tiny! Biscuit and Baron say hi to Dayton too! I have sent a lot of pictures here and its exciting to see it up here!


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