13 Responses to “You aren’t going to rake these up, are you?!”

  1. Sharon

    A wonderful group of Shelties and such a nice autumn picture! You are sure lucky to have a “pack” like that. Kudos for rescuing McKenna. Brodie is very very cute in his close-up!

  2. Robby

    Maybe Brody is tired from “herding” the rake. Anybody else got a Sheltie that CANNOT let a broom, rake, mop or vacuum go unherded? LOL

    • Liisa

      Our vacuum gets SEVERELY reprimanded every time it starts up. The swiffer gets herded though :)

    • Cheryl

      Yes, that is Mckenna. She is a rescue, so always a little skeptical.
      Mom, with a camera? What’s that all about?


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