16 Responses to “Friday’s Featured Fuzzy: What’choo lookin’ at?”

  1. Jackie

    We call that look the “hairy eyeball.” It is akin to the famous phrase from TV’s Gary Colman…. “what you think’n ’bout, Willis.”

  2. Kate Colbert

    So sweet. And they DO have attitude when they’re that young. Our newest pup is 7 months and he’s all spunk and no cuddle. We just rescued him a few weeks ago, so we missed out on the fur-ball, puppy-breath stage. :-(

  3. Nell

    Oh, so cute! I remember the Sheltie fuzzies. I miss those. We had to let our 10 year old Sheltie go to that great Sheltie heaven in the sky this week. I miss him terribly. Cancer destroyed him, us. I look back at his pictures when he was a fuzzy little pup, like this guy, and it makes me smile.


  4. K'Lynn Ball

    Oh if I had a dime for everytime I have gotten “The Sheltie Look” – adorable :)


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