4 Responses to “Holidays are for “tolerating” the humans!”

  1. Erin

    I was just looking back at this post and I am happy to report that Holly’s stay as a foster dog failed and we ended up adopting her!She lives quite happily with four little dachshunds and two turtles and she is very, very loved.
    She has gained some weight and her coat has grown back beautifully (in case you can’t tell in the picture she was basically bald-she was shaved in the shelter due to burrs and mats in her coat) She looks like a different dog now. Holly still has some challenges-she was badly abused and is still somewhat fearful but she has come a very long way. She grows more confident each day and she still has never, ever barked which is a plus in a house full of loud doxies…
    We took her in as a foster on our wedding anniversary last December and we officially adopted her last March so she has been ours for a year now!


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