Sadie LOVES snow?  I couldn’t tell at all.   ;)

Tee hee Karol!

6 Responses to “Snow bliss!”

  1. Bob

    what is it with shelties and snow?? When Shelly was a puppy, she would chase and catch snowballs. Shadow goes out the doggie door, eats snow, and ice. They seems to like it better when the temp is -10 degrees and a 40 MPH headwind.

  2. Kate Colbert

    This first photo is just stunning. It’s like you can read her mind just by looking at her.

  3. Ruth Shoenthal

    Sadie looks so serene and in her element. 2 gorgeous photos of a gorgeous girl. You’re a lucky furmom.

  4. Toneth

    LOL! I love that second picture. Shelties and snow look so good together, too bad we don’t get that down here around Phoenix, AZ.

  5. Alyssa

    My Lacey does the exact same thing. As soon as she goes outside she burries her head in the snow, then lays in it, then eats it. I have lots of photos just like this! Super cutee.


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